Marlow Stern Bill Maher: Trump’s Been ‘Exposed’ to Coronavirus and Should Be Quarantined Immediately


On Friday night, Bill Maher returned to Real Time and, like many of his late-night TV comrades, performed his shtick sans in-studio audience (albeit with a generous laugh track, courtesy of his staff).

And the comic—who said the show would be off next week due to concerns over the novel coronavirus—began his monologue by taking aim at President Trump’s delayed, confused, and downright bizarre reaction to the global pandemic that is COVID-19.

“There’s a new protocol in place, because Trump, whenever he talks, things get worse. So it’s called: Operation Shut the Fuck Up. Because, you know, Trump, he was in the Rose Garden today, and he’s lost if he can’t brag about the stock market. He’s like a porn star whose dick fell off. He’s got nothing!” Maher exclaimed.

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