Alexander Reid Ross German QAnon Groups Now Claim Trump’s Election Boogeyman Is Behind Coronavirus Tests

Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Thousands of far-right activists and QAnon-affiliated conspiracy theorists faced off against police in Berlin yesterday, as leading members of the boisterous German anti-lockdown movement faced arrest during the second week of mass protests that have rocked the country.

Protest participants ranged from more traditional far-right groups, such as the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and neo-Nazis, to newer groups of conspiracy theorists who organize in chapters called the “Querdenken” (translated as “Lateral Thinkers”) and another group called the Corona Rebels.

Firmly allied with the violent U.S.-based conspiracy theory-turned-political cult QAnon, the Querdenken and Corona Rebels promote a wide range of loosely connected ideas that generally amount to the belief that a pedophilic, globalist New World Order—which ritually sacrifices children—created the COVID-19 pandemic in order to mount a campaign of mind control using diabolical vaccines.

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